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I have always hated the interview question, "Tell me about yourself." I never know what people are actually interested in learning about me. I hate talking about myself - though I could talk about my animals for hours! To make things easier, I've broken down the major points about me into categories below.



I am currently enrolled in the Product Management certificate program through the University of Maryland. I have completed Product Management Fundamentals and Designing the User Experience. There are three courses remaining. I anticipate completion by September 2021. 

I have an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, which I completed part-time while working full-time. I focused my studies on a Marketing Specialization, in addition to courses in accounting, operations, statistics, economics, strategy, and finance.

Prior to my MBA, I graduated from Conestoga College’s Integrated Marketing Communications post-grad certificate program. This program provided a solid foundation in integrated marketing fundamentals, as well as the opportunity to work with real clients and produce a portfolio of work.

I completed my BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Waterloo, with a minor in Management Studies.

I am a huge believer in lifelong learning and professional development. My additional courses and  certifications include:

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), December 2016

  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate, November 2016

  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certificate, November 2016

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification, May 2016

  • University of Waterloo Student Leadership Certificate, April 2013

  • Sustainable Urban Beekeeping Certificate, Humber College, December 2019

  • Professional development courses:

    • CSS & HTML

    • Microsoft Excel, Access

    • Grammar, Writing for the Web, Proposal Writing

    • Project Management

    • Communicating with Tact & Diplomacy


In addition to my full-time work, my husband and I co-own Rodrigues Farm. Our 5-acre property is home to a small herd of dairy goats, many chickens and ducks, and a few barn cats. We grow fruit in the orchard and vegetables in our large garden, largely for our own consumption but also for sale.

My husband and I both spend considerable time using technology for work, and the farm is an opportunity to live our leisure time largely offline. In the four years since we moved here, we have made learned a lot about sustainability and profitability. We are currently working on infrastructure updates that will allow us to scale our most viable products (poultry, pork, and dairy goat breeding).​

Rodrigues Farm has its own eCommerce site at

Our recent Chick-Lets Hatchling rental program was undoubtedly and exercise in product management: creating our minimum viable product (brooder crate), proof of concept with customer input, iterative development, process improvement to meet demand, customer service, and marketing. Once we were featured on the news, we immediately sold out and had to expand our offering. We ended up selling 700% more kits than our original estimate, and have plans to further expand our product offering next year.




I love trivia, so here's some trivia about me:

  1. Through the SPCA and Humane Society, we have fostered over 200 kittens since 2007. These kittens and their mamas have spent time being socialized at our home before going on to be adopted. I don't remember all their names. We only have three of our own now though.

  2. I don't drink coffee or tea. I was a serious Coke Zero caffeine addict but gave it up in 2020; I'm hoping by posting publicly I won't go back to it.

  3. I drive an electric car. When it's nice out, I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle.

  4. I like nerdy pop culture. I am a huge Star Wars fan (Han shot first, btw). Also Lord of the Rings (extended director's cut, always), Harry Potter, Game of Thrones... I'm not shy about it either.

  5. My favourite board game is Scrabble, but people don't really want to play with me because I am cutthroat with my two-letter words, parallel play, and defensive board use. I take it seriously.

  6. I have acted in amateur theatre productions and love karaoke. I don't claim talent, only enthusiasm.

  7. I'm in a weekly bowling league with an average of 145. I am definitely in the minority by age and gender. My ball and shoes are both pink.

  8. Every year I play on at least one softball team (2020 being the exception, as it is has been for so many things). Again, I don't claim talent, only enthusiasm.


Image by Adam Solomon

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